Digesting COP28

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The COP28 climate summit ended with a handful of agreements aimed at curbing carbon emissions and helping communities deal with the dire effects of climate change.

But which agreements can make real change and which are merely lip service? And what do they mean for philanthropic organisations looking to integrate climate action into their work?

This online webinar, hosted by the Arab Foundations Forum (AFF) in partnership with Impatience Earth, takes a deep dive into the complex COP negotiations covering multiple causes and solutions to the climate crisis.

Led by environmentalist Dr. Lama Elhatow, a non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council, the session will help you better understand what happened at COP28 in the UAE with a summary on the summit’s key outcomes and implications, along with its successes and shortcomings.

Register now to gain insights into how the COP28 agreements could impact your organisation’s climate work and how they can amplify Arab philanthropy’s role in the climate fight.


Lama El Hatow

Nonresident fellow with the empowerME Initiative at the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East. 


This event is hosted by AFF. It takes place at 1500 - 1615 EET / 0800 - 0915 EST. 

Register for free here.