Supporting donors in multigenerational family foundations and businesses

Join us in Dubai to take part in 21/64’s Approach Training, a globally recognised certification programme that explores the human dimension of work with next generation and multigenerational family philanthropy and enterprises.

Developed over the last two decades, this approach has been adopted worldwide and is today considered a best practice in the philanthropic field, as well as in the family office and enterprise sectors.

This in-person training has been specifically designed to help attendees engage donors and clients in important and often intricate conversations on values, governance, legacy and resource allocation, whether they are new to the field or a seasoned advisor adapting to new modalities of work in this ever-changing world.

The certification programme will be led by expert facilitator and director at 21/64, Andine Sutarjadi, who will help professionals acquire the personal skills, generational awareness, and technical tools to work more effectively with next-generation funders and multigenerational family enterprises.

Attendees will learn 21/64’s proven methodology for engaging individuals, families, and institutions at the intersection of values and governance.

The event will run over two days and is invitation-only.


Andine Sutarjadi


This event is invitation only. For more information, please contact Amreen Vadsaria: