A systems change orientation to climate philanthropy

How can we move the needle?

Funding to tackle climate change is finally increasing, but is it being invested in ways that can move the needle?

This interactive session, building on six years of learning and action through the Shifting Systems Initiative, will focus on how funders and partners can collaborate to work ‘upstream’ on root causes and create pivotal strategies, taking into account that a blend of efforts on public policy, shifting narratives, building movements, and R&D are all necessary.

Following opening remarks, themed table discussions delve into specific topics, including how can climate funders design for equitable, transformative change; what approaches center equity and just outcomes; latest thinking in measurement and collective learning, etc.

The aim is for participants to come away with a better understanding of design and measurement practices that promote equitable, transformative change; examples of how greater collaboration unlocks impact; and stronger connections with existing and potential new partners in climate philanthropy.


  • Latanya Mapp
    President and CEO, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
  • Marta Arranz
    Director, Climate SMILE Community of Practice
  • Benjamin Bellegy
    Executive director, WINGS
  • Tony Bebbington
    International Programme director, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Ford Foundation


This event is being hosted by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Ford Foundation, WINGS and Climate SMILE. It takes place at The Randolph Hotel, Oxford, UK. To find out more click here.