Philanthropy and the arts

The role for philanthropy in supporting cultural development

A thriving cultural economy enhances quality of life – through intellectual stimulation, creative expression, enriching perspectives, opportunities for community engagement, and job and livelihoods creation.

Yet despite these clear benefits, creative ecosystems often find themselves limited by a lack of resources and wider support. Covid-19 was devastating for the arts with billions lost by the sector due to shut downs and other restrictions.

Enter philanthropy, which has the potential to catalyse and transform impact by providing much-needed resources and more generalised support through leveraged influence. 

Join us in Abu Dhabi for an enlightening panel discussion in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) to hear industry thought leaders explore the role of philanthropy in the creative arts and culture economy.

Listen to regional and local experts as they dig into the benefits and returns of investing into social communities through art. The conversation will also highlight the invaluable contributions of philanthropists and their commitment to the UAE's cultural and creative sector.




This event will run from 12noon to 2.30pm in Abu Dhabi. Please contact Ishanya Nadkarni for more information: to find out how to register.