The future of humanitarian payments

Reimagining aid in the digital age

The 2023 Global Humanitarian Assistance report highlights the urgent need for humanitarian aid, with over 400 million people worldwide requiring assistance annually due to forced displacement, armed conflict, food insecurity, natural disasters, and health crises persist at record levels.

Addressing the needs of vulnerable communities, including disproportionately affected groups such as women and refugees, is paramount. However, achieving efficient, impactful, and inclusive aid amid growing budget constraints presents a pressing challenge for aid organisations and their partners.

To understand this dynamic humanitarian landscape and advance a global conversation on the way forward, Devex and Visa surveyed nearly a thousand aid professionals and conducted in-depth interviews with thought leaders and implementers. The resulting report, “Reimagining aid in the digital age: Building global capabilities to serve local needs,” explores the importance of prioritizing beneficiaries, providing choices based on local contexts, and fostering resilience and diverse partnerships for effective interventions.

This event hosted by Devex in partnership with Visa marks the launch of the report. Register to dive into the key findings and recommendations, as well as discuss humanitarian aid delivery challenges, best practices, and trends.


Alan Robbins, executive vice president of partnerships, Devex, will open the event and offically launch the report and explore its key findings.

  • Fouad Diab
    Head of the global cash-based initiatives support team, International Organization for Migration (IOM)
  • Alyoscia D'Onofrio
    Vice president, head of technical excellence, International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • Elisa Gabellieri
    Humanitarian partnerships director, GiveDirectly
  • Louise Holden
    Global head of partnerships, Visa Government Solutions


This event is hosted by Devex. It runs from 11am-12.30pm Dubai (9am - 10.30am CET).
You can attend online, or in person in Geneva. Register here.