F20 Climate Solutions Forum

The Climate Solutions Forum (CSF) will be hosted by the F20 (Foundations 20) platform and take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but with a livestream facility.

Held under the theme "Accountability in action: building bridges for North-South partnerships", the forum seeks to forge new alliances, share knowledge, and amplify the voice of global philanthropy from the South in G20 discussions.

The two-day event will feature a diverse line-up of talks, panels, side events, and networking opportunities designed to inspire action and collaboration. The forum is a collaboration between F20, the Institute for Climate and Society, the Avina Foundation, and GIFE. 


See the full list of speakers here

  • Bathylle Missika
    Head of the Networks, Partnerships and Gender Division at the OECD Development Centre
  • Neera Nundy
    Co-founder and Partner at Dasra India
  • Alice de Moraes Amorim Vogas
    Climate policy specialist
  • Pedro Vieira Abramovay
    Vice president of programmes at the Open Society Foundations


This event is taking place in Rio de Janeiro from 4-6th June. You can register here.

There will be a livestream from the forum here.