Funding for impact

How do you take solutions to scale?

Kevin Starr is the CEO of Mulago, a US-based foundation that funds nonprofits, social enterprises, and other organisations with "scalable solutions" and "a demonstrable ability to deliver".

Mulago's investment portfolio is global and impact-focussed spanning health, livelihoods, education, water and sanitation, smallholder farming, the environment, and energy. The foundation's investees include: Luminous Fund; Educate Me; One Acre Fund; Kheyti; Vision Spring; and Last Mile Health.

During this interactive virtual session, Starr will to talk to Circle members about how to fund for impact and take solutions to scale and share best practices for donors.

A medical doctor by training, Starr was one of the primary instigators of Big Bang Philanthropy, a collaborative of funders focussing on funding solutions to poverty. In 2016, he started the the Henry Arnhold Fellows Program to add a focus on environmental solutions.


  • Kevin Starr
    CEO, Mulago Foundation