How philanthropy can support refugees

The role for philanthropy

Join The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI), RefugePoint, and NEID Global to hear an overview of forced migration in Latin America and its consequences; learn about refugee resettlement programs and assistance to asylum seekers, as well as other legal pathways for those forced to flee home to enter the United States; and focus on the special needs of unaccompanied children and the growing need to reunite separated families.


  • Maggi Alexander
    Senior partner, TPI
  • Gladis Molina Alt
    Executive director, Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights
  • Sasha Chanoff
    Founder and executive director, RefugePoint
  • Negar Tayyar
    Executive director, Global Whole Being Fund


Thie event is being jointly hosted by TPI. It takes place from 1-2pm ET (9-10pm GST). Register