Making mission-aligned investments

Can foundations do it?

There are growing calls for foundations to align their multi-billion dollars of investments in the global capital markets with their mission for public good. Is this a realistic ambition? What are the barriers to achieving it? 
In this session, hosted by Alliance, you will hear from leading investment practitioners who are charting new territory on this critical topic for the health of philanthropy, people and our planet. 

Questions for the panel will include: 

• How has mission aligned investment practice changed in the last 20 years? 
• What is holding foundations back from investing more of their assets in alignment with mission? 
• Do foundation staff need to better understand where their grantmaking budgets come from? 
• Is the price of an ethical endowment a smaller endowment?  
• Is it ethical for foundations to invest their assets in banks which finance fossil fuel companies? 


  • Roy Swan
    Director of Mission Investments, Ford Foundation, Member of Church of England’s Investment Oversight Group
  •  Clara Miller
    Former president, Heron Foundation
  • Tamara Larsen
    US Values-Aligned & Sustainable Investments Practice Leader


This event is being hosted by Alliance. It begins at  7pm UAE. You can register here