Next Frontiers conference 2024

Stewarding wealth for people & planet

This day-long event, hosted by the UK’s Joseph Rowntree Foundation, is aimed at philanthropists, wealth holders, impact investors, and tech innovators looking for new avenues to shape the future.

The conference seeks to platform leading thinkers and practitioners, to underline the case for shifting traditional models of philanthropy and investment. Are we able to see past ‘the way we do things now’ to really engage with what these pioneers need?

Sessions will explore how wealth can actively support and accelerate the transition to a future where both people and the planet can thrive. Carefully curated sessions are designed to engage emotions, intellect, and actions towards stewardship that benefits the wider society.

There will be a mix of panels, provocations, masterclasses and discussions. Contributors will be drawn from a diverse range of experiences and perspectives, spanning progressive wealth holders, experts on the psychology of wealth, practitioners building alternative futures, insiders from the wealth defence industry, the ‘boring revolutionaries’ reimagining regulatory and legal frameworks, and investors developing new asset classes and financial instruments.


For the full programme and speakers list, click here.

  • Sophia Parker
    Director of Emerging Futures, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Juliet Agnew
    Head of Philanthropy, Barclays Private Bank
  • Harlin Singh-Urofsky
    Global head of sustainable investing, Citi Global Wealth
  • Ashanti Kunene
    Founder, Learning 2 Unlearn
  • Indy Johar
    Dark Matter Labs
  • Rye Young
    Director, Sprocket Foundation
  • Rajasvini Bhansali
    Executive Director, Solidaire Network & Solidaire Action
  • Michael Gast
    Founder, Organise the Rich
  • Bridget Kustin
    Director, Ownership Project 2.0: Private Capital Owners & Impact
  • Astrid Scholz
    Co-Founder, CFO/COO Armillaria


This event is taking place in London. Physical tickets are no longer available but you can register here to attend virtually.