Optimising philanthropy for social impact

Scaling impact

This panel will convene prominent philanthropic leaders from the Gulf region and South Asia, to discuss the strategies and approaches in philanthropy that can best pave the way to sustainable and scalable impact.

With approximately US$5 trillion of wealth assets being passed from one generation to the next in the upcoming decade, there is a dire need for enhanced mechanisms in giving. It is critical, therefore, that philanthropic actors push for robust governance through the practice of transparency and accountability, and through the involvement of the private sector.

During this exclusive event, our panellists will lead us into a conversation on the need to see philanthropic capital as risk capital, how the private sector can be leveraged for social good, and for philanthropy to be sustainable in order to drive economic development.

Collaboration is a key component of effective philanthropy, requiring a multi-stakeholder and cross-sectoral approach. Through engaging with government entities, communities on the ground, and strategic partners, the panellists will delve into how collaborative and trust-based philanthropy has sustained many thriving industries, including that of the arts. The discussion will enhance the audience's understanding of key strategies to enhance giving, and the need to integrate diverse stakeholders for optimised social impact.

This event is exclusively for members of our philanthropist network. It is being hosted in collaboration with the Strategic Philanthropy Initiative (SPI) at NYUAD and attendees will be offered a tour of the university campus.


  • Badr Jafar
    Crescent Group managing director, philanthropist and founder of the Pearl Initiative.
  • Nandan Nilekani
    Co-founder and non-executive chairman of Infosys and Giving Pledge signatory.
  • Rohini Nilekani
    Indian author and philanthropist, founder of the Arghyam Foundation and chair of the Akshara Foundation.
  • Huda Alkhamis-Kanoo
    Founder, Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation
  • Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah
    Kuwaiti philanthropist and Intisar Foundation founder
  • Shoshana Stewart
    President, Turquoise Mountain
  • John McCaffrey
    President, Galileo Foundation
  • Mariet Westermann
    Vice chancellor, NYU Abu Dhabi