Philanthropy to promote art development

Celebrating World Art Day

This webinar, hosted by the Arts and Culture Funders Forum, for World Art Day, will explore the pivotal role of philanthropy in supporting and fostering the vibrancy of arts and culture in different socio-cultural contexts.

Under the theme "promoting the development and diffusion of art”, the event will bring together researchers and philanthropy representatives from Europe, North America, and around the world to delve into the diverse landscape of philanthropic initiatives that contribute to the flourishing of artistic expression.

The webinar is targeted at artists and cultural operators, foundation representatives, organisations working to promote the value of arts and any stakeholder interested in celebrating and learning about philanthropy and art.


  • Leslie Ramos
    Co-Founder of The Twentieth and author of “Philanthropy and the Arts. A Game of Give and Take”
  • Lucia Patuzzi
    Senior Knowledge Development Research Manager, author of “Arts and Culture at the Core of Philanthropy – second edition”
  • Dea Vidovic
    Director of Kultura Nova Foundation and Chair of Philea’s Arts & Culture Funders Forum
  • Tara Magner,
    Director, Chicago Commitment of MacArthur Foundation
  • Adama Sanneh
    CEO, Moleskine Foundation
  • Ilaria d’Auria
    Head of Programmes and Thematic Collaborations, Philea


This event is being hosted externally. Register here.