Report launch: Next Gen giving trends

Research report launch and discussion session

Circle is proud to share the results of a survey it has carried out with the Zovighian Partnership about Next Gen philanthropy in the Arab region. 

At this launch event, we will present the data and unpack the results, looking at giving priorities and incentives, and examine trends and patterns.

We hope that this research will raise more awareness about the evolving landscape of Next Gen giving in the region and shed light on the unique cultural, social, and economic factors at play in the sector.


Lynn Zovighian and other next gen philanthropists

  • Lynn Zovighian
    Co-founder, the Zovighian Partnership (ZP)
  • Basma Al Zamil
    Advisor, LGA
  • Sarah El Battouty
    Global Ambassador, UNFCCC Founder, ECOnsult architecture


This event is invitation only. Please contact if you would like attend.