SEE Institute Global Sustainability Summit

Redefining sustainability: net zero solutions and a circular economy

This summit will provide a platform for industry experts, researchers, and academics from around the world to engage in discussions and share their research findings and insights regarding sustainability, net-zero
initiatives, circular economy solutions, and strategies for building resilient cities and communities.

The primary focus of the Summit is to explore the potential of transitioning to a circular economy while  simultaneously working towards net-zero emissions and enhancing the resilience of urban areas.

SEE Global Sustainability Summit 2024 delves into the strategies and practices that empower organisations,  individuals, and policymakers to create a significant and lasting impact in the realms of sustainability.

There will be a mixture of panel discussions, workshops, research launches, and networking.


  • Fares Abu Baker
    Chairman, SEE Institute
  • Jasmina Locke
    CEO, SEE Institute


This event takes places over two days. It is being hosted by the SEE Institute. You can register here.