Trust-based philanthropy

Building collaborative relationships with grantees

Philanthropic donors tend to hold the power in the relationship with their grantees. This can lead to one-sided decisions serving the wrong interests and result in limited impact and missed opportunities.  However, a new way of working is emerging which is attempting to rebalance the power and improve funding efficiency.

Trust-based philanthropy is an attempt to build collaborative relationships where funders are accountable to their grantees, not just the other way around. It places more emphasis on the implementing organisations to set the funding agenda and seeks to reduce onerous reporting requirements on nonprofits, in order to focus their resources on their programming.

To find out more about trust-based philanthropy, join us for this third and final part of our Exploring Series. This will be a virtual session and is exclusively for members of our philanthropy network.

This event was moderated and facilitated by Sharna Goldseker and Andine Sutarjar from 21/64.


  • Robyn Calder Harawi
    Executive director, The ELMA Philanthropies
  • Sapphira Goradia
    Executive director, Vijay and Marie Goradia Foundation


This event is invitation only.