Using tech to heal war wounds in Gaza

3D printing for prosthetics

Join Jordan-based nonprofit startup 3DP4ME for a discussion about how 3D printing technology can be used to provide prosthetic limbs for people injured in the Gaza conflict.

This event, which is taking place in Amman (with a livestream for overseas participants) will hear from medical experts and NGOs about best practice and explore ways to mobilise and create partnerships in Gaza.

It is aimed at philanthropists, foundations, and other organisations interested in supporting injured Palestinians inside Gaza.

3DP4ME (3D Printing for the Middle East) was founded by Jason Szolomayer to use 3D printing technology to create low-cost hearing aids for low-income children and refugees living in Jordan. It is now exploring ways to to offer lower-limb prosthetics in Gaza, via a pilot in Jordan.


  • Jason Szolomayer
    Founder, 3DP4ME (3D Printing for the Middle East)
  • Steve Sosebee
    Founder, HEAL Palestine Founder and former CEO of PCRF
  • Dr. Abdulrahman Marridi
    Orthopedic Surgeon and head of committee at PCRF
  • Dr. Shehan Hettiaratchy
    Major trauma director at Imperial College, London
  • Ons Alkhadra
    International Medical Corps (IMC), MENA director
  • Entesar Mahmoud
    Co-founder, Mafaz Medical Ottobock, Jordan
  • Tony Gutierrez
    Clinical specialist, Bionic


This event is being hosted online by 3DP4ME. It takes place at 6pm (Amman / 11am EST) at the city's Fairmont Hotel.  A livestream will be available. You can register here