Al Jisr Foundation

Al Jisr Foundation is a private, nonprofit charitable organisation that aims to create strategic impact through sustainable programs in health, education and social welfare. It was established in 2010 to continue the legacy of the late Sheikh Saud Salim Bahwan Al Mukhaini, founder of the Saud Bahwan Group conglomerate in Oman. The Al Jisr Foundation operates wholly on Zakat funds with the intention of breaking poverty cycles through strategic healthcare and education initiatives.

Focus areas

Focus sectors

  • Education
    • Elementary and secondary education
      • STEM education
  • Health
    • Diseases and conditions
      • Heart and circulatory system diseases
    • Out-patient care
      • School-based health care
  • Community and economic development

Focus populations

    Focus geographies

    • Africa
    • Middle East
      • Oman


    • National nutrition campaign
      In partnership with Oman's Ministry of Health, the foundation implemented a three-year National Nutrition Campaign (NNC) , to address malnutrition and change dietary patterns in children, adolescents and adults in the country.
    • Save hearts project
      By offering three cardiovascular fellowships to qualified doctors, this programme aims to enhance the quality of healthcare system and improve the research found on cardiovascular diseases within Oman.
    • Health promoting schools
      In partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, this initiative aims to create a healthier environment and lifestyle in schools and in society to improve educational outcomes among children. To ensure sustainability, the initiative also focuses on improving students’ life skills such as leadership, teamwork and creative thinking by focusing on behaviour change and supporting better collaboration between the schools and their communities.
    • Medical equipment provision
      The foundation has donated medical equipment - such as fumigation machines, endoscopy towers, and an echo colour doppler machine - to hospitals in Oman.
    • Covid-19 emergency relief programme
      An initiative launched to support families affected by the pandemic through distribution of medication, food, and payment of utility bills.
    • STEMinds
      In partnership with the Ministry of Education, Al Jisr Foundation is running “STEMinds” to instill a culture of research and innovation among Omani youth in the field of science, technology and innovation. YouThinkers joined as a technical partner to implement this initiative.
    • Sawi initiative
      A logo design competition in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development, aimed at engaging the community to empower people with disabilities by promoting and marketing their products and services.
    • Ramadan programmes
      Annual iftar events and activities for members of the communities they support. Through these programmes, the foundation has delivered more than 50,000 Iftar packs.
    • Stability programmes
      This aims to improve the standard of living and welfare for families on social security and from low income backgrounds, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development. The project provided basic electrical appliances such as air conditioning units, fridges, washing machines and cooking ranges.
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    Funding model

    • Private
    • Fundraising

    Primary funders

    • Al Al Mukhaini family

    Types of funding and awards

    • Cash grants
    • Foundation-administered programme awards
    • In-kind gifts
      • Donated equipment
      • Donated goods
    • Programme related investment
    • Pro bono services
    • Employee volunteer services


    Key staff

    • Dina al Khalili, general manager 

    Board members

    • Chair, Fawziya Saud Salim Bahwan Al Mukhaini
    • Deputy chair, Anisa Saud Salim Bahwan Al Mukhaini

    Contact details

    Further information

    Related sustainable development goals

    Further Resources

    • Al Jisr Information Package 2018
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