AM Qattan Foundation

The AM Qattan Foundation is not-for-profit developmental organisation working in the fields of culture and education, with a particular focus on children, teachers, and young artists. Founded in 1993 by the Qattan family, it is registered in the UK as a charity and as a charitable company limited by guarantee. The Child Centre Gaza (CCG), which opened in 2005, offers young Gazans cultural, recreational, and educational services and is one of the largest centres of its kind in the Arab region. In London, the foundation runs The Mosaic Rooms, an art gallery and bookshop dedicated to supporting and promoting contemporary culture from the Arab world.

  • Organisation type Foundation
  • Year founded 1993 (UK) 1998 (Palestine)
  • Headquartered London
  • Registration United Kingdom · Palestine
  • Website

Focus areas

Focus sectors

  • Education
    • Early childhood education
    • Elementary and secondary education
      • STEM education
      • Child educational development
  • Arts and culture
    • Arts services
    • Arts education
    • Folk arts
    • Cultural awareness
    • Visual arts
    • Performing arts
    • Museums
      • Art museums
      • Children's museums
    • Humanities
      • Art history
      • History
      • Literature and writing
      • Philosophy
    • Arts exchange
  • Information and communications
    • News and public information

Focus populations

  • Artists and performers
  • Academics

Focus geographies

  • Europe
    • United Kingdom
  • North Africa
  • Middle East
    • Palestine


  • Sakiya- Ein Kinya- Al Hoash Gallery- Jerusalem
  • Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre
  • Iltiqa
  • Shababeek
  • Palestine Museum
  • Dar Al Kalima- Bethlehem
  • Birzeit University, College of Art & Design
  • Visual Arts Forum
  • Dar Qandeel
  • Art from the Heart
  • The Sea is Ours Collective
  • Palestine Cinema Institute
  • Network of Photographers for Palestine
  • An Nadwa Cultural Club
  • Magazine 28
  • Ibn Rush Fund
  • Ashtar Theatre
  • First Ramallah Group
  • The Edward S. National Conservatoire of Music
  • The London Palestine Film Festival
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  • Culture and Arts
    This programme provides grants and support to artists, performers, and writers through support for exhibitions, events, performances, and residencies.
  • Child Centre, Gaza
    This facility provides a range of educational and social programming for children and their families in Gaza. Initiatives include: Programmers' Club; Book Club; Tales Clubhouse; Little Painters' Club; Performing Arts; Parents Club; Creative Writing Club; Little Librarian's Club; Web Designers Club.
  • Education, Research and Development
    The foundation works directly with teachers in Palestine to improve the quality of education. Focus areas include: drama in education; playwriting; culture, art and community participation; early childhood professional development; project-based learning, animation, and cinema culture at school.
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Funding model

  • Private
  • Endowment
  • Fundraising

Primary funders

  • Omar Al-Qattan
  • Leenah Al-Qattan
  • Najwa Al-Qattan
  • Al-Qattan Charitable Trust
  • European Commission
  • Taawon
  • Save the Children
  • Swiss Agency for Culture and Development
  • Swedish International Development Agency
  • Drossos Foundation
  • Zentrum Moderner Orient
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Types of funding and awards

  • Cash grants
  • Foundation-administered programme awards
  • Grants to Individuals
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Key staff

  • Fida Touma, director general
  • Sa'eed Jaber, director of administration
  • Bashar Idkaidek, financial director
  • Mahmoud Abu Hashhash, director, culture and education
  • Yazid Anani, director of the public programme
  • Rachael Jarvis, director, the Mosaic Rooms

Board members

  • Chairman of the board, Omar Al-Qattan
  • Trustee, Dr Najwa Al-Qattan
  • Trustee, Dr Raef Zreik
  • Trustee, Dr Khalil Hindi
  • Trustee, Professor Khaled Fahmy
  • Trustee, Dr Mezna Qato
  • Board secretary, Nadia Hijab
  • Treasurer, Abla Maayah
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Contact details

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