Sawiris Foundation for Social Development

The Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (SFSD) was established in 2001 with an endowment from the Sawiris Family, becoming one of the first national donor foundations in Egypt. The SFSD works to support marginalised Egyptians through programmes addressing poverty, unemployment, and limited access to healthcare and quality education. The foundation’s primary focus areas include economic empowerment, increasing access to quality education, social empowerment, and encouraging artistic and cultural creativity.

Focus areas

Focus sectors

  • Education
    • Early childhood education
    • Adult education
      • Continuing education
      • Adult Literacy
    • Graduate and professional
    • Education services
      • Co-operative education
      • College preparation
      • Out-of-school learning
  • Health
    • Diseases and conditions
    • Medical specialities
    • Healthcare access
    • In-patient care
    • Out-patient care
    • Reproductive health care
      • Maternal and perinatal health
  • Human services
    • Youth development
    • Family services
    • Special population support
    • Food aid
  • Community and economic development
    • Economic development
      • Employment
        • Job retraining
        • Job training
        • Job creation and workforce developement
      • Rural development
    • Sustainable developement
    • Financial services
      • Development finance
        • Community development finance
  • Agriculture, fishing and forestry
    • Food security
    • Agriculture

Focus populations

  • Young adults
  • Older adults
  • Seniors
  • Women and girls
  • Men and boys
  • Immigrants and migrants
  • Refugees and displaced people
  • Farmers
  • Artists and performers
  • Unemployed people
  • Students
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Focus geographies

  • North Africa
    • Egypt
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  • Social empowerment
    This programme provides marginalised groups with access to healthcare, clean water, sanitation, and basic education, as well as supporting homesless and at-risk children and care leavers.
  • Economic empowerment
    This pillar supports micro-enterprises, runs training and employment suppot services and has an agricultural development programme.
  • Education and scholarships
    This includes scholarships, basic education, pre-primary education, technical and vocational education and executive education.
  • Sawiris Culture Award
    This is a competition recognising excellence among emerging and established novelists, screenwriters, playwrights, and literary critics.


Annual budget

  • 286 Egyptian Pounds (2021)

Funding model

  • Endowment
  • Corporate

Primary funders

  • Sawiris family
  • Orascom

Types of funding and awards

  • Cash grants
  • Foundation-administered programme awards
  • Grants to Individuals
  • Loans to Individuals
  • In-kind gifts
    • Donated equipment
    • Donated land
    • Donated goods
  • Programme related investment


Key staff

  • Noura Selim, executive director

Board members

  • Chairwoman and founder, Yousriya Sawiris
  • Advisor to the board, Onsi Sawiris
  • Secretary general, Taya Samih
  • Vice-chair, Naguib Sawiris
  • Board member, Nadia Makram
  • Board member, Mona Zulficar
  • Board member, Osama Beshai
  • Board member, Nassef Sawiris
  • Board member, Ismail Serag Eldin
  • Board member, Hala Hashem
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Contact details

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